Over the years, emphasis has been laid on empowering the girl child leaving the boy child behind. A boy
in the society need to be guided and have a father figure to guide them whether has both parents or single
mother. In this, we can raise a generation with less crime, violence, drug abuse and people who respects
the society.
Young Life Africa Children home
Young Life Africa Children home started on 15th March 2003 to focus on empowerment of a boy child so
we can have a harmonious social context. We cater for the welfare and social justice of every boy child
and enlighten the community on the need to give equal opportunities to all the children irrespective of
their sex. We prepare our boys to be great people in future and responsible men who can be the head of
their families. Our target is children from the age of five years to eighteen years.
Young life Africa is a home that rescue, rehabilitate, accommodate, educate, and feed vulnerable children
from the society. We have various programs to empower the boy child that promote self reliance and
mould them to be great people in future. Our programs include computer learning, music production,
beauty and salon, fashion and design, hospitality, welding, and carpentry where each kid takes part in one
of the programs according to their interest.

Here our motto is less theory, more practical and this helps our kids to think in a more pragmatic way.
Young Africa is a home of more activities and we give the kids the freedom they deserve. We teach our
kids on the importance of farming where we have different projects like rabbit keeping, dairy goat
keeping, turkey farming and chicken farming. We also teach our boys on the importance of being clean
and maintaining our environment.

Young Life Africa Children's home
We bring visitors who take part in empowering our boys through various activities like mentorship
programs, counseling, and hygiene programs. On weekends, they involve themselves in various indoor
and outdoor games after doing their chores.
We advocate for the boy child education where all our boys obtain access to primary education and
secondary education. In our home, education is part of the key to life and therefore, we appreciate each
kid’s talent. Some have done it well academically where they join national school and others perform
excellently in Secondary education and join Universities.

Young Life Africa Children's Home

Young Life Africa Children's Home
Young life Africa children’s home is a home for everyone, and we do not dismiss anyone. We believe in
empowering young boys to become better leaders of tomorrow. Let us empower all children regardless of
their sex and not being biased on one sex and when we do this, we shall have a harmonious context.
Young boys will be the tomorrow’s fathers and leaders and when we don’t empower them to be great
people, girl child will lack men who can reason together in future and achieve a conclusion agreement.


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