Solar Reading Lamps: Donation by Iconix Electronics

Iconix ElectronicThe achievements we have made so far have been possible because of the donations that you have made. Today, we are grateful to Iconix electronics for their kind donations of Solar reading lamps. These lamps are going to help us greatly whenever there are blackouts or our solar panels don’t work because of unavoidable circumstances.

Iconix Electronic
The donation is also going to add on our strategic plan where we want to use green energy to fully power our home by the year 2021. It will also assist us in teaching our children about the importance of green energy. As children across the globe demanding #ActionOnClimateChange, they need to learn what actions that needs to be taken. Our children will practically see, learn and experience the advantages of solar energy.

Once again, thank you Iconix electronics for the donations of solar reading lamps plus other donations you made.