Children Planting Trees To Protecting Our Environment


The best thing about Young Life Africa Children’s Home is that we teach our kids practically on many aspects about life. This includes the importance of protecting our environment. We believe if we teach our children right, then they will grow up and be responsible adults we all love. We value the environment and have always work towards preserving and protecting it.  If we do not take care of it, then the children we are raising at our children home will not have a place they call home. Most them are going to adults in the next decade. Considering the speed at which we’re degrading the environment, the nature we  know today will be all gone in the next 10 years.  The forest cover will have reduced.  Permanent rivers will become seasonal and seasonal rivers will be dry.

The beautiful sound of singing birds will be a tale in stories. Hunger will spread beyond control. What we enjoy today will be bedtime stories for our children.


This is not what we want as a Young Life Africa Children’s Home family.

We’ve just planted over 200 trees in our compound.  Our effort might seem like a drop in the ocean, but it should be a challenge to everybody across the globe. If our children managed to plant 200 trees what about you? We hope that our initiative can be replicated across other regions of our country and the globe at large where children are involved in taking of the environment. Let us not sideline them.  Every effort, whether littleChildren Planting Trees or big meant to protect the environment  is to ensure that our children can enjoy the beauty of the mother earth.