Building our Workshop

We believe in impacting practical knowledge to our children.

That is why every child in our children center in fully participating in projects that are meant to make us self reliance as they practical learn various skills. For example, we have a program called 30-70 program where every child has been allocated a piece of land for him to farm. He has the freedom to plant whatever he can and want.

30-70 program

To motivate them to learn farming skills and work hard on their farms, 30% of the total harvest goes to the kitchen and 70% is theirs to sell.  So far most of them are in their third cycle of planting .This program has contribute about 20% of the total food that we consume in our center.

Young Life Africa Children's HomeThis program has also given them an opportunity to learn entrepreneurial skills as they market and sell their produces.




Other projects include:


Goat Farming


Chicken Farming


Computer Class




The success of 30-70 program motivated us to think about adding more programs that will give our children a chance to learn skills which might come in handy in their adulthood.  We decided to include programs like woodwork, metalwork and embroidery.  These programs will not just give our children  a chance to learn, but also reduce our labor cost in areas that the above skills will be needed. If we have a broken desk, broken metallic bed or torn clothes, our children will be able to do them under supervision. This will save us money as they learn.

Our first step is to up the necessary infrastructure. We’ve manage to identify a site where we intend to build our  workshop that will host the above mentioned programs.

We’ve manage to get an architectural design for the workshop.

Children's Home Workshops

Our next step is seeking financial support to enable us to construct the workshop.

Your assistance will enable us continue with our mission and vision of raising responsible, independent and dependable citizens.  Our future depends on how we raise our children today and we do not want to fail OUR CHILDREN because #ChildrenDeserveTheBest