We need to protect our environment from further destruction and children have the greatest role to play.

If we’re hoping to have a better home as humans then it is our duty to take care of what God gave us, Nature.  Great men and women across the globe started or have started initiatives to make sure that our environment is protected. This initiatives have been recognized across the globe through awards like  Wangari Maathai when she won the Nobel peace prize.

Wangari Maathai Nobel Peace Prize

However, when these fighters for environment pass on, everything they fought for end with them. A gap is always left and it is as though no nobody is there to take up from where they left. The determination and sacrifice that these men and women gave slowly fade away.  These how the war on protecting the environment is lost.

We need to train a generation to dream and breath about protecting the Environment. A generation that will make their passion to see that:

  • No more  deforestation.
  • No more river pollution by greedy individuals.
  • No more poaching.
  • No more industrial gas emission to the environment.

The only generation that has a chance to achieve all these are our children. They’re growing up learning new things. There minds are clay ready  to be molded in whatever form we want it to be.  We can mold them to be protectors of environment starting  when they’re still young. As they grow up, they’ll not react to preventable environmental disasters  but prevent it before it happens.

Young Life Africa Children's Home
Samuel Watering Tree Seedbed

That is what we’re doing here at young life Africa Children’s home. We’re giving them practical knowledge  and skills about the environment which includes:

  • Farming
  • Tree planting
  • Prevention of soil erosion
  • Rain water harvesting and many more.

These year we set a goal of planting 100 trees within our 3 acre farm. These include starting our small arboretum which has 30 trees in total. So far our children have planted more than 50 trees. As per our projection, we’re going to surpass our  target. We’ve also invited children from the surrounding community to learn and participate. We hope to scale this initiative and have many children involved as they each set a goal to plant a specific number of trees within their communities.

Young Life Africa Children's Home
John Watering Egg Plant Seedbed

We can only succeed in protecting the environment if we can train a generation to be protector of the environment. At young Life Africa Children’s home, we have started and hope to spread the initiative across the across country.