One thing that we appreciate is that, the community is fully committed in helping us raise our children. Our Children may be orphans, but that does not mean they are alone. People from of all ages have visited our center and embraced them as though they are their own children, brothers, sisters, uncles and so forth.

It is amazing how each day our children grow, not just physical but in confidence. Most of them had low esteem when they came to young life Africa. Some were shy and were completely withdrawn from anything that was fun. We did our part to counsel them but it was the visitors who made it possible for them to feel loved again.

If you have ever visited our center then you are our HERO.

Thank  you for giving our children hope when they had none.

Thank you for giving them advice.

Thank you for embracing them.

Young Life Africa Children's Home
Young Life Africa Children’s Home

Thank you for making them laugh.

Thank you for giving them a chance to show their talents.

Thank you for listening to them.

Thank you for telling them stories.

Thank you for teaching them.

Thank you for inviting them to your homes.

Thank you………

Thank you………