Children are the most venerable group in any society. They’re most affected in any catastrophe like wars, hunger etc compared to adults. Unlike adults, they’re not mature enough to make decisions that will help them survive. In this world where ‘survival is for the fittest’ is the rule; venerable children are left helpless and majority end up dead before their 10th birthday.

These venerable children include millions of orphans across the globe. They’ve no one to take care of them. It is either they try to live or they die. The kind of lives they’re living is heartbreaking. A lone in the streets or villages with no one to provide, care or protect them. They are forced to be adults at tender ages of between 10 – 14 years. Every single day is a struggle as they wish and dream for better lives that may never happen.

Who should take care of these children?

Is it the responsibility of the government? What if the government is not doing what it is mandated to do? Who should do it? Is it the community, the church etc

Who should take care of these children?

Different people will have different opinions, but the bottom line is, we’re all responsible of taking care of venerable children in the society. Blame games only makes matter worse. We can all play a role no matter how small the role is. #ChildrenDeserveTheBest because they’re the future generation.

We at Young Life Africa Children’s Home have vowed to play our part. We rescue, rehabilitate, Accommodate, Educate and feed needy children in the society. We’ve made it our mission to help these children grow and be successful and responsible adults that society will be proud of.

It is not easy, but we’ve made some strides. Your donation has kept us going as we rescue a child at a time and give them a chance that they deserve in life.

Thank you for being part of this effort as we encourage more donors to help us assist more children.