One of our goal as a home is to reduce expense as much as we can. We have worked towards being a self sustaining children program with little dependence on donor and well-wishers.  One of the areas we have targeted is to invest on green energy. We want to raise our children with practical examples of how to conserve the environment. We have in the past initiated program that target to conserve our environment which the children are part of. Some of these programs include planting as many trees as we can and safe disposal of waste around our compound among others. This has inspired us on going green in everything we do around our home. That is we want to acquire the following as part of “going green” initiative:-

  • Solar panels to generate our home electricity hence reducing electrical bill.
  • Solar driven irrigating pump for pumping water for irrigating our 3 acre farm which we have been planting food crops for the last three years.

These areas we believe once we succeed, we will be able to reduce the home expense and concentrate on providing quality basic needs like food, clothing, shelter and education to our children.

We are asking if you can help us achieve all or one of the above goals especially acquiring solar panels to generate electricity for all home use.