Things will never be the same again!

Covid-19 is one phenomenon that has shifted the foundation of what we have lived to see as our daily norm. One time we were all out and about, then restrictions from all corners is what we have to deal with every day. Our cultural way of life has been tested and our so called preparedness to any eventuality was put to test as well. Everything changed.

We were never left out.  We were victims as well.


As a home, our own determination to rescue more venerable children from harm was halted for a while. Since we depended on others to be able to put a smile to any venerable child, our sources of support were cut off.

The economic impact from Corona pandemic had affected all our supporter. Some had to close their businesses and others lost their jobs.  The number of visitors who always come to spend time with our kids went from half to zero. It was as though a dark blanket was thrown over our home.

You can try to imagine how all these affected our children!

These are kids from situations that no human being should go through. They were once destitute, hungry, abused, neglected and homeless. Young Life Africa Children’s Home was their safe heaven. It is at this home that they saw a chance to have a future.

As things were unfolding across the globe, we could see those children who had not healed properly getting into stress. Their wounds were being reopened all over again. The fear that the home might be closed because of what the monstrous Corona was doing was real.

This was made even worse when children from the surrounding community would come to our home to get a bit of whatever we had prepared. Our children witness situation where parents of their friends would come to beg for food. These were parents who were once able to provide for their families and some even had once or twice donated to our children home.

That was then. At the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic.  Now, we are still trying to fit in this new norm. We take this opportunity to thank all who have come to our aid and donated. You kept our kids out of harm and gave them hope.