Samuel Mureu is a born innovator and inventor. His passion is focused on playing around with electronics and coming up with ideas that provide solutions. The first project that he did and it provided a meaningful solution was when he build a simple doorbell that we use as our Gate bell.

Making the bell was just a step for him. Now he has successfully designed and installed a street light along our memory garden. What makes Samuel projects exceptional is how he recycle and reuse old electronic parts and plastics. Being 16 years old, he is living by what he wants to be, not just an engineer by name, but an engineer who provides solutions where they are needed.

He was among the boys who attended the coding and robotics boot camp and it was an eye opener for him. He is now determined to work in a project that he believe will define his teenager hood; building a radio station.

We teach our children’s to not only be dreamers but work on their dreams without fear of failure. Failure is a lesson by itself especially for a young boy like Samuel. We encourage them to work on the impossible and never to concentrate on naysayer and discouragers.

Once again we thank all those who have mentored Samuel throughout. Empowering him to be a valuable member of the society is the best gift we can give him. Your support and Donations has made it possible for such stories like Samuels to happen.