We were privileged enough to be invited to a robotic and coding boot camp at STEM Impact Center Kenya along Masaba Road in Nairobi.  We count this as one of the most important days in our calendar. It was an experience worth remembering to be in A STEM program outside our children’s home.

As our mottos states, LESS THEORY, MORE PRACTICAL, the children were amazed by the practical bit of understanding and building a working robot.  From coding, to uploading the codes to the robots they had built, it was wonderful to the existent on our kids’ faces.

We believe the future of our country is with our children. How we train them today will determine if they will be valuable adults. What STEM impact Center Kenya is doing should be replicated across the country as we aim to raise adults/leaders that will provide solution to many Kenyan problems.

The lessons our children learnt from this boot camp will go along away to inform them of the many opportunities that awaits them as they grow and join the job market. It also provide a sense of motivation especially for those who dreamt of being programmers and Robotic engineers that they can do it.

Such motivation is need by children as it keeps their spirit to work hard and smart alive. We look forward for more invitations from other organizations that offer such boot camps.

To Stem Impact Center Kenya, we offer our appreciation and hope for more partnership as we raise young Kenyans who will transform this country beyond our expectations.