Today Chef Karani made another mile stone in his quest to be the best chef ever as he successfully bake a chocolate cake. They say a journey of a thousand mile start with one step.

Chef Karani

Karani is 14 years old who is a passionate and talented soccer player but loves to cook.  The first time he cooked we were all amazed especially from a person whom we fondly call Messi.  Even after winning many awards as a soccer player his passion of cooking has never fade away.

That is why he was challenged by his mentor to learn to bake 50 different type of cakes for the next 5 months. That means 10 different cake types every month. Remember he is in school. In midst of his school work he has to find time and bake.

He started with Vanilla cake which he was given 5 start rating. It was perfect. Today was his second cake and he did not disappoint. When he started, we were never sure he will succeed. He kept doubting himself but when his cookery creativity and passion took over, he did it and you can order one.

At age 14, by the time he gets to his 20s, Chef Karani will be sort after chef.

Once again, thank you to all those who donated the kitchen ware. Also, to those who come through to empower chef Karani and other aspiring chefs in our children home. We believe #ChildrenDeserveTheBest. We cannot give them the best on our own. We need you at all times.