STEM program is one of our core concentration.  As we empower our children with various skills, we also encourage them to embrace science and technology related skills.

Desoldering is process of removing solder and electronic components from any circuit board.

Maxwell and Alfred were learning to remove capacitors and transistors.  Maxwell is 13 years old and he wants to be engineer. He is living the engineering dream already as he has worked on a number of projects. One of them being building a simple money sanitizer around the time when the first Covid-19 patient was confirmed in Kenya.

Alfred is 14 years old and aspire to be a computer engineer. As our motto state. LESS THEORY, MORE PRACTICAL, he is already a computer engineer at his level. Together with other kids, they always repair any broken computer in our home. He has project to build a desktop computer from part salvaged from other dead computers. Right not he is half way his project.

You can now understand why learning soldering and desoldering technique is important for these two boys. The level at which Maxwell wants to take his money sanitizing machine will require deep understanding of electronics and related technics.

We appreciate all those who donated towards making our empowerment program succeed in our children home.