Our empowerment program is meant to expose our children to many opportunities that await them when they are adults. We’re trying to stop the cycle where young men keep complaining there are jobs.

Samuel Mbatia Repairing TV

Every child is born a winner. No doubt about it. That is why celebrate the birth of a child and even try to predict what the child will end up to be.

No parent has ever thought of anything else apart from  success for their children. But WHAT happen when a child gets to adolescents stage, later goes through the journey of their teen hood and eventually join the adulthood?

Why are our children not living to our expectations. The expectations of the winner we envision them when they were young !

As a children’s home we identify the problem was due to lack of mentorship and practical upbringing of our children.


Our solution was to design a program that will give our children  a chance to practice what they aspire to be.  A program that will give children opportunity to identify what they are passionate about and they do best. Then once they know what they want, they can learn from mentors who are already  practicing in the fields that they are passionate about.

Empowerment RoomDonation

We decided to call the program Empowerment program. We had to set a side a room for this program. It where the kids can practicing what they love. In this room they can come up with solutions to problems that affect the hope and solves them. A good example is a boy by the name Samuel Mureu, who come up with a homemade Gate bell. He used reused parts from old electronics and other simple materials. We now have Gate bell that cost the home nothing.

To avoid a situation where children are limited on choices due to their limited environment, the program let the children to meet and mingle with mentors from  variety of fields  even those they have never heard of. We organize trips to markets, factories, offices and anywhere we are invited  and our children can learn.  A good example is when we were invited to the Robotic and Coding bootcamp.

You also can invite us to your place of work if possible and be a mentor.


We take advantage of the visitors who come to our home.

We realized you as a visitor, has a lot to offer apart from the amazing donations you bring . You are an Engineer,  a Doctor,  a business person, an Environmentalist, a Programmer, a Farmer etc. You  have a lot of practical lessons that you can offer better than a school can. Not that schools are bad, but your practical experience is beyond what our children can learn in a classroom.

As a visitor, we request you if possible, to tell our children what you do and choose those who show interested for you to mentor. We also request if possible to invite us at your place of work for our children to be exposed.


We want our kids to be ready for this competitive world.

Academic papers alone won’t make them valuable, it is the skills that they will have both from academic world and what we call God given talent that will make them stand out.  We teach them to focus first on being employers before being employee.

Kids Milking Goats

The only way they can do this is by using every lesson they will have learn from school and the children’s home and create a product or a service that they  can brand and sell.  If they end up being employees, we want them to be employees that will be  valuable to their employers.


The list below shows what we has have so far we managed to set, lessons that the kids are learning and what we need to add to make the program even more success.








-Computer Repair


– Networking

– Videography

-Mobile Programming and Repair

–          Desktop computers

–          Printers

–          Camera

–          Networking tools

–          Computer and mobile repair tools

–          Reading materials

2 ENGINEERING -Electrical


– Tools e.g screw driver, pliers, etc
3 ART AND MUSIC -Painting

-Music production


-Paint  & Paint brushes









-Nail dryer

-Nail polish colors

-Gel polish colors,

-Nail files




-Combs & Brushes

-Scissors/ Hair Cutting Shears

-Electronic Hair Styling & Grooming Equipment

-Salon Chairs With Accessories

-Shampoo Station/ Backwash Unit

-Hood Dryer

– Dummy Head Long Hair Hairdressing Training Head Model

5 CONCRETE WORK -Laying bricks

-Making flower pots



-Masonry trowel

-Measurement Tape

-Plumb Bob

-Wheel Barrow

-Rubber Boots


-Safety Glass

-Bump Cutter/Screed

-Wooden Float/wooden rendering float


-Crow Bar

-Line Level

-Torpedo Level

-Hand Saw

-Tile Cutter

-Putty Knife

6 WOOD WORK –          Carpentry -Nails

– Vanishes


7 METAL  WORK –          Welding – Rods

–  Cutting disks

–  Grinding disk

-Safety glasses

-Fiberglass welding hood

-Tape measure.

-Vise grips.

-Chipping hammer.

-Wire brush (wood handle)

-Torch tip cleaner.

-Leather Sleeves

-Leather Bib

-Leather Apron

-Welding Gloves


-Slag Hammer

-Crescent Wrench  10”

-File 14” Half Round

-Needle Nose Pliers

-Weld Cap

-Weld Lenses

-Galvanized Bucket

-Swivel Head Pen Vise

-100% Cotton Shirt/Pants and/or Overalls

-Work Boots

-6″ stainless steel ruler


-Ear Plug Case

-Combination Square Set 12”

-Tape Measure 12’

-Fillet Weld Gage Set

-MIG Welding Pliers 8”

-Boiler Pipe Wedge

8 FASHION & DESIGN -Pillow making

-Hair bands

-Sewing Machine


-Sewing thread

-Sewing Tape Measures

-Sewing Gauges

-Pins and Pincushion

-Hand Sewing Needles

-Sewing Needle Threader

-Seam Ripper

-Sewing Scissors

-Pinking Shears


-Sewing Machine Manual

-Sewing Machine Seam Guide

-Fabric Rotary Cutter

-Rotary Cutting Mat

-Iron and ironing board


9 FOOD & BEVERAGE –          Special kitchen where kids learn –          Baking tools

10 FARMING –          Animals (Turkey, Chicken, Ducks, Rabbits and Dairy goats

–          Vegetable  ( Sukuma wiki, Tomatoes, Fruits etc)

–          Tree nursery

-Animal feeds (Kinyeji, Rabbit pellets, Chick mash, & Dairy meal)

– Farm tools (Jembes, pangas, rakes, slashes etc)

11 BEAD WORKS -Beads

-Chain-nose pliers.

-Round-nose pliers.

-Crimping pliers.

-Flush cutters.

-Wire cutters.

-Sharp embroidery scissors.

-Fiskars kitchen scissors.

-Thread burner.

You can check our YouTube Page (Young Life Africa Children’s Home) and see the amazing things our kids are doing.

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