Welcome and Play Chess with our Children

Welcome to our children’s center and play chess with our children. All our kids from 10 years old to 19 years are masters of chess in their own level.  We use chess as a tool to sharpen their minds as we prepare them to be responsible, independent and dependable members of the society.

Since we introduced chess in our home, we have seen improvement in how our kids approach various issues that they meet. The way they interact with each other and their friends is also something to note. The rash decision-making that the majority of the kids were accustomed too is now replaced with caution and critical thinking.

One of our focus it to empower our kids with skills that will be relevant to them when they finally leave and to be independent. We want them to able to thinking quickly, wisely and ready to face the consequences of their own decision. Rather give a million excuses and trying to avoid the consequences of their own choices. We want them to own-up and face them with mindsets that are ready to find solutions and then move on. Chess is helping us prepare our kids for this.

You are most welcomed and play with our kids any day of the week.