Reducing Electricity Bill Using Solar Energy

As part of our effort of reducing the operating cost, we have installed solar panel system that power 60% of our electricity need. The most important part is that our water pump is now being run by solar power. It was the biggest consumer of electricity, hence our huge electricity bill.

This is a very important milestone as we gear towards being self-reliant. We recognized a long time ago that investing in green technology like solar system will help us reduce our expenses. We are still looking into investing in other sources of energy like Wind power and expand our biogas system so that it can as well generate electricity.

As we aim at reducing costs, we are also providing a chance to our children to learn about green energy technology as one of the ways to protect and conserve our environment. If we can teach our young generation early about the concept of protecting the environment, we are assured that our future as humans is not doomed because of the threats of global warming.

We say thank you to all those who donated and made this project possible.