Update On Our Current Needs


       As Young Life continues to prosper, there’s always potential to grow and become the best and most comfortable home for our children. We continue to have the need for help in providing daily nutritious meals, health care, and education. But there are some other needs that we need your assistance with:

1) We see a better vision for our dormitory where our children have better mattresses with sheets and mosquito nets.

Our current mattresses
Our current mattresses


      2) We also would like to divide our dormitory into two parts to give more privacy for our older boys. We have a vision to divide the rooms with more lockers for putting their belongings in as currently there is very little space for our boys to store their belongings. The boys are now putting their clothes under their mattress and shoes up on the banisters.




                 3) Another need is for more security lights for our entry pathway

                 4) We would love to be able to have a sewing machine, so that we may cut back on costs of the school uniforms by having one of our talented children sew and create the uniforms, repair clothing and train our children in the practical skills of tailoring.

                 5) A donated refrigerator would be put to good use as we are often given perishable items that we cannot consume within a time of good use.

As always any monetary and itemized donation is accepted and greatly appreciated. We thank you all for your continued support!